THINK More Sales - The Full 10 Week Online Program

$997 plus 5% GST and 7% PST (Provincial Tax) | taught by Bob Frew & Deborah Reynolds
  • 11 Texts
  • 103 PDFs
  • 10 Audios

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Course description

Boost your business and sales training with THINK More Sales. Two business experts from Vancouver, Canada have come together to create an innovative learning tool to ensure your sales success. Deborah Reynolds, International Motivational Speaker and Image Expert, has teamed up with Business Development and Marketing Expert, Bob Frew, to provide exceptional insight and wisdom into the sales process. Together they bring you THINK More Sales, the 'New Sales Process'.

Deborah and Bob have created an outstanding series of audio recordings, and a companion binder with transcripts and worksheets. These tools make the learning process easy and help you focus on immediate results.

Every bit of information is critical, and combined together, will give you immediate confidence and have you thinking more sales and creating greater success for yourself, your sales team and your clients. You'll learn to be more focused and clear about what you want to accomplish. Your perspective about the products and services you offer will have you thinking about how to serve your clients as a heart based entrepreneur and not just as a sales professional, but finally as a trusted consultant and advisor. You will be taken seriously.

The THINK More Sales Program provides an easy and convenient way of learning and expanding your skills to serve your clients. You will be rewarded ten fold, with the ability to generate an excellent income and a true, deep satisfaction.

With their combined 50 plus years of business and sales experience, Deborah and Bob have created the THINK More Sales Workbook Binder with CDs. Change your life and your income, all the while enjoying amazing relationships with your clients.

If you are ready for a major transformation and want sales success, AND extraordinary results, here is how you will benefit:

  • Realize personal improvement!
  • Enhance your opportunities for career advancement!
  • Eliminate your confusion and frustration of dealing with people, and finally understand the psychology of your customers!
  • Boost your focus and productivity, by working smarter and not harder!
  • Perform a wider array of tasks in less time and realize extraordinary results!
  • Learn how to create a win-win!
  • Increase your knowledge and your ability to get moving and take action!
  • Greater personal confidence, and increased self esteem, self image and self worth!
  • Enhanced job satisfaction!
  • Personal and career growth, development and opportunities!
  • Feel valued as a Sales Team Professional and know how to value your sales colleagues!
  • Increase your independence and decrease employee supervision!
  • Employers will have more confidence in their employee's abilities!
  • Greater clarification and focus to properly prioritize your day and activities!
  • Realize and increase in your customer base!
  • Happier and more satisfied customers!
  • More customer recommendations, testimonials, and referrals!
  • Decreased employee turnover rate!
  • A "Can Do It" attitude!
  • Less stress, less worry, and more peace of mind!
  • Feel like and become a winner!
  • Personal improvement!
  • Understand the psychology of customers!
  • Provide ability to achieve a winning situation!
  • Growth & development opportunities!
  • Employees feel valued!
  • Decreases employee supervision!
  • Employers are more confident in their employees' abilities!
  • Ability to prioritize activities!
  • Better sales skills realized
  • Decrease employee turnover rate
  • Investing in Think More Sales is an opportunity for you to dramatically increase your income!

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Bob Frew & Deborah Reynolds
Bob Frew & Deborah Reynolds

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