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Are you FINALLY ready to change your life and your income?

Are you ready to enjoy your life, make a ton of money, really enjoy the relationships you have with your clients and feel blessed and enriched because your talents and gifts are getting out into the world?

Well you are going to love what Deborah Reynolds and Bob Frew have created for you to allow you to do just that!  Deborah and Bob sat down and really thought about their own businesses and what was happening to their business colleagues and clients.  There are far too many entrepreneurs and sales people struggling, so they put their heads together to create a new, innovative sales system…Think More Sales!

With their combined 50 plus years of business and sales experience, Deborah and Bob have created the Think More Sales 10-Part Program. Change your life and your income, all the while enjoying amazing relationships with your clients.

If you are ready for a major transformation and want sales success, AND extraordinary results, here is how you will benefit:

  • Realize personal improvement!
  • Enhance your opportunities for career advancement!
  • Eliminate your confusion and frustration of dealing with people!
  • Understand the psychology of your customers!
  • Build great relationships!
  • Get along with a wide variety of personalities!
  • Boost your focus and productivity, by working smarter and not harder!
  • Perform a wider array of tasks in less time and realize extraordinary results!
  • Learn how to create a win-win-win!
  • Increase your knowledge and your ability to get moving and take action!
  • Greater personal confidence, and increased self esteem, self image and self worth!
  • Enhance job satisfaction!
  • Personal and career growth, development and opportunities!
  • Feel valued as a Sales Team Professional and know how to value your sales colleagues!
  • Increase your independence!
  • Employers will have more confidence in their employee’s abilities!
  • Greater clarification and focus to properly prioritize your day and activities!
  • Increase your customer base!
  • Happier and more satisfied customers!
  • More customer recommendations, testimonials, and referrals!
  • Decrease employee turnover rate!
  • A “Can Do It” attitude!
  • Less stress, less worry, and more peace of mind!
  • Feel like and become a winner!
  • Personal improvement!
  • Growth & development opportunities!
  • Decrease employee supervision!
  • Ability to prioritize activities!
  • Better sales skills realized!
  • Investing in Think More Sales is an opportunity for you to dramatically increase your income!

Sales Training Seminars from Expert Training Consultants

Learn how to build relationships and focus on the needs of your clients. Think More Sales is all about giving rather than taking.  It’s all about what your products and services can DO for your client  and HOW they can literally change your client’s life for the  better. It’s not about what you get. Everyone wants to get a client, but  we show you how to give to your clients and their community in order to  benefit their lifestyle. In return, you receive a terrific lifestyle  and an amazing income!  This is about sharing your blessings, gifts and  talents, so others can be blessed.

We love and use what we have created for you in our own businesses!  We believe we have created a superb product to help you realize the life  of your dreams.

If you need that personal touch to help you develop your skills, and  you are NOT a self starter, then to support you in your growth and  learning, we also offer live TeleSeminars and Webinars, Group Coaching,  and Live On-Site Workshops!  We’ve got your back! We are here to set you  up for success!

The Sales Process

Create your dream lifestyle by structuring and designing your sales  business more effectively. Our series of recorded and transcribed  TeleSeminars, and supporting Worksheets, explain how to get into the  right mindset for building and keeping relationships, adding value to  every prospect and client, and selling for extraordinary results. We  talk about accomplishments, failures, and everything in between. These  techniques are perfect for everyone from solo entrepreneurs to large  corporate sales departments.

Here’s Some of The Things You Will Learn and Profit From:

Module 1 – Psychology and Mindset of Sales

Module 2 – Habits

Module 3 – Goals

Module 4 – Marketing Plan and Customer Acquisition

Module 5 – Telephone and Email Etiquette

Module 6 – Contracts

Module 7 – Prospecting

Module 8 – Customer Service and Follow Up

Module 9 – Handling Objections and Closing The Sale

Module 10 – Time Management

Think More Sales is the New Sales Process and  the most comprehensive At Home Sales Training Program on the market.  This program was developed by Business Experts, Deborah Reynolds and Bob  Frew, as a self study program. Learn when you want, as often as you  want, and enhance and refine your skills for a fraction of price of a  live event. Here is what they cover:

  • 9 Steps To Clarity
  • Accomplishments
  • Five Closest People
  • Focus
  • Goal Setting – The Smartest Strategies
  • The Psychology & Mindset Of The Sale
  • The Best Mindset
  • Creating Good Habits
  • Eliminating Bad Habits
  • Prioritizing Your Day
  • Getting Energized
  • Causes Of Failure
  • Overcoming Fears Around Selling
  • The Best Motivators
  • Defining Your Target Markets
  • Find Your Ideal Client
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospecting – Where To Go To Find Potential Clients
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Creating A Unique Selling Proposition
  • Designing & Creating Your Scripts
  • Sales Contracts – What to Look For & Avoid
  • Telephone & Email Etiquette
  • Telephone & Email Scripting
  • Asking For The Money
  • Customer Service
  • Follow Up
  • Overcoming Objection In The Sales Process
  • Closing The Sale
  • Time Management
  • Communicating With Different Generations Of Clients & Meeting Their Needs
  • Selling To Different Generations
  • and MORE

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What Decision Are You Going To Make?

Decision making can be tough. At this very moment, you have a couple of options, some decisions you could make…

You can decide to learn exactly what it takes to earn exponentially more per week, per month and per year, and create financial independence and freedom, prosperity and wealth far beyond your current imagination.

Or you can choose to have a repeat of yesterday… working long hours,  stressed, and unable to sleep, missing out on fun because you’re working  too hard, eating a cold dinner, getting paid far below what you deserve for the amount of work you put in, feeling burned out, overwhelmed, frustrated and wondering what you could do differently to change your monthly income.

Are you going to head home and have to face yourself in the mirror because someone else got the sale and you let money run down the drain after realizing that it would have been your sale but you let yourself  down.

Another evening looking in the mirror because you weren’t at the top of your game.

Another evening looking in the mirror because you missed dinner with your family. You were working too hard and trying to get that last call in to meet your quotas, only to get another rejection.

Another morning dreading the stress of the sales manager hoping  things will be magically different. And hoping you won’t miss that important social function in the evening.

So who suffers?  It’s not just you. It’s your company, but it’s also  your family and friends. They miss you and have been noticing that you haven’t been happy, and you haven’t been spending your valuable time with them. You’ve lost the joy and sweetness of life.

Do we want you to invest in Think More Sales? Absolutely! And not for the reasons you think. We’re not desperate for the money. It’s  because we LOVE what we do and both of us combined have over 50 years  experience in business. We know how hard it is to sell and make it all  work. And we were banging our heads against the wall for years before we figured it all out. The whole reason why we are doing what we are  doing is to help others succeed and live a happy and peaceful  lifestyle. Pure and simple.

People need to hear about what you do and what you offer. We know if  they invested in your product and service, their lives would be extraordinarily better. They are missing out big time because they don’t know about you or because you don’t know how to communicate your message and get it across to them. You don’t know how to really get clear about their needs so you know how to service them better.

Deborah’s image business of over 25 years is all about transformation from the inside out – leaving the relationship better than what it was before you met. She is a master at change, image, and impact and believes in building people up so they can succeed and thrive. Deborah knows that everything you acquire in life is with and through other people. She gets you noticed, known and remembered for all the right  reasons… not the wrong reasons. Deborah wants to share everything she  knows with you.

Bob, a marketing expert with over 25 years of hard core experience, is all about building face to face connections, and taking the “cold” out of “calling”. He believes in developing warm, real down to earth  connections and relationships. Bob wants to share everything he knows with you.

Let’s face it – people are struggling and they are frustrated. Some  are in serious pain and they desperately need what you have to offer.  You are actually cheating them if you are unsuccessful in your sales strategies and process. And besides, imagine if you had a massive income. Imagine what you could do with all that extra cash. Imagine  who you could help and the difference you could make, not just locally, but globally.

Whoever said it was better to be poor was sadly mistaken. Think contribution! Think generosity! Think change for good. Think about the gifts you can offer people. THINK MORE SALES so you can GIFT more!

What could be better than that? Right?

To your extraordinary success!

Deborah Reynolds and Bob Frew, Co-Founders of Think More Sales

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Are Saying About Think More Sales

“As a small business solo owner it can be perplexing ad overwhelming to organize activities that produce results and revenue. Think More Sales is a wonderful system that starts with clarifying, from the inside out, what a business owner desires to build. Creating a step-by-step process that asks questions to shift awareness, create clarity, and implement the action steps that support  the outcome desired is vital, and is exactly what Think More Sales delivers. Not knowing what you don’t know can waste time, energy and money, however, this program brings everything into a doable process. No more second guessing! So by understanding what to do, why to do it and  when, is a much needed foundation. I highly recommend this program. It shows the flow of how all these steps actually build a solid  foundation. Bob and Deborah’s expertise shines in this program from their real life experiences that absolutely will help to take the  guesswork out of the life blood of your business.”

~ Wendy Burge, Owner of Radiant Edge Consulting

“Thorough and motivating!”

“This is excellent audio content and Worksheets! No fluff here!”

“Gives me a solid, sound strategy to focus and develop my skills!”

“Fantastic information and program! If you follow each module  your business will become easier, more organized, and much more  profitable. I like how each module builds on the others to enhance how  we think and do business. I believe this material will change your  life. This is all about you, what is holding you back, what are your  strengths, weaknesses and mindset. Think More Sales is a complete  package from mindset to marketing plan, phone and email etiquette,  customer follow up, handling objections, time management, and more. You  can follow each module or jump around to what you feel you need more  training on. I highly recommend this program to take you and your  business to the next level.”

~ Liz Crawford, ReMax

“This changed how I think about Sales and what I offer!  I realize I have a gift to offer!”

“Thought provoking and refreshing in their approach.  With the  new launch of the “think” program, this will benefit sales personnel in  all walks of life.  A common sense, thought based approach to sales,  with a slant on relationship building.

~ Nick Reeder, Torbram Electric Supply

“The Think More Sales Program is full of real, honest material and strategies!  It’s an impressive program!”

“After listening to Deborah and Bob’s material I am super excited to get back to work to apply these principles!”

 “If you are ready to take your sales to the next level, take the  time to implement these systems and habits into your day and gain  clarity on how to actually prioritize your time.  Think More Sales is a  complete system that flows into each other.  What I really like about  this training is you can go at your own pace and you can select and  prioritize the module that best suits your immediate requirements.   You’ll gain a combined 50 years of sales and marketing from Deborah and  Bob.  Together, they take you on a journey from the inside out to up  level your skill sets.”

~ Sherry Borsheim, Simple Productive

It’s your time to impact lives!

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Our Story

Boost your business with sales training with Think More Sales.   Two business experts from Vancouver, Canada have come together to  create an innovative learning tool to ensure your sales success. Deborah Reynolds, International Motivational Speaker and Image Expert, has teamed up with Business Development and Marketing Expert, Bob Frew, to provide exceptional insight and wisdom into the sales process. Together they bring you ‘Think More Sales‘, the ‘New Sales Process’.

Deborah and Bob have created an outstanding series of audio  recordings, and a companion binder with transcripts and worksheets.   These tools make the learning process easy and help you focus on  immediate results.

Every bit of information is critical, and combined together, will give you immediate confidence and have you thinking more sales and creating greater success for yourself, your sales team and your  clients.  You’ll learn to be more focused and clear about what you want  to accomplish.  Your perspective about the products and services you  offer will have you thinking about how to serve your clients as a heart  based entrepreneur and not just as a sales professional, but finally as a  trusted consultant and advisor.  You will be taken seriously.

The Think More Sales Program provides an easy and convenient  way of learning and expanding your skills to serve your clients.  You  will be rewarded ten fold, with the ability to generate an excellent  income and a true, deep satisfaction.

Deborah Reynolds

The founder and President of About Face Image Consulting Inc.,  Deborah Reynolds, is a sought after International Motivational Speaker,  Image Expert and Business Consultant.  Deborah is a co-author, along  with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Anthony Robbins of the American Best Seller,  “Wake Up…Live The Life You Love: Living in Clarity’, and also a  co-author of ‘Inspired Style”.

Deborah Reynolds worked for fifteen years in law enforcement before  taking an “about face”. Her service with the Correctional Service of  Canada included “life on the installment plan” working in an “all male”  federal prison. Her reputation with international law enforcement  personnel was gained as a tenacious Immigration Investigator. The  highlights of her law enforcement career were the capture of one of  “America’s Most Wanted” and the “Second Most Wanted” in Germany”.

Deborah brings the same passion and drive to her business, which was  founded in 1990. She is a sought after Speaker on Leadership, Corporate  and Business Image, Change Management, Values and Character, along with  Team Communication and Performance Strategies. Developing her clients  from the inside out, Deborah is a leading International Image Expert.  Specializing in working with entrepreneurs and executives, Deborah helps  to redefine, repair, create and build the image and reputation of  individuals and companies. She says, “It’s important to create a good  first impression, but it’s essential to create a great lasting  impression.”

Here is what Deborah and Bob say about the Think More Sales Program:

“Our  goal is to provide our clients with their ideal lifestyle, knowing that  they can feel great about the products and services they offer, and the  career they have created for themselves.”

Bob Frew

Your trusted advisor Bob Frew developed the idea for 1st Quality  Marketing & Business Development in January 1998. When Bob looked at  and reviewed his expertise, along with his 25 years in business  management, he became aware  of the missing component in small business –  the potential for small business to develop more customers through  personal target marketing – and decided to do something about it. Within  a very short time, Bob’s customer base grew to include: Chilliwack,  Abbotsford, Langley, Port Kells, Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, New  Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge.

By practising what he preaches, Bob continues to expand his  successful business. He is currently considering requests from  businesses to initiate his personal target marketing programs on  Vancouver Island and in Alberta. Bob is very active in the business  community providing marketing seminars to networking groups and various  companies. A true Business Sales Professional, Bob Frew knows how to  take the “cold” out of “calling”.

“More Than 50 Years of Combined Business and Sales Experience to Help You Succeed!”

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